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Hey everyone, Shemp Abravanel here. I'm your host at Algae Removal, the site for pool and pond owners and anybody else that wants to remove algae from their life. Many pools and ponds suffer from a build-up of algae. Most of it is caused by neglect and improper pool cleaning procedures. As a professional algae remover, I get paid a ton of money to put on my mask and snorkel and clean your pool. But you don't need to do that. Just follow a few simple rules and do a few simple tasks on a day-to-day basis, and you won't need to call me. But hey, I mean, you can call me if you want, no problem. But why? I'm expensive! I've created this site so you won't have to. Here you'll discover simple, specific tips and secrets that will keep your pool looking crystal clean and swimmable. Please take your time to read a few of the articles and check out the photos. Maybe it will inspire you to take action before it's too late; before you need to call me. Shemp -- the algae removal guy!

When It is Time for Algae Remover?

Algae can be a big problem in your pond, pool or aquarium, but you should be cautious about using an algae remover. There are times when putting some algae remover into the water is a great idea and other times using algae remover treatments can be viewed as the worst possible option.

Every store wants to sell their products and they will make claims that are not always true or hold back on important information when you shop. Not everything that you read about algae remover is true because there is no blanket solution for all algae problems. Your first priority has to be to care for your pool, pond or aquarium. You have to provide your pet fish with a nice, safe environment and if algae remover is not what they need then, do not give in to all those offers for free shipping to your home, even if they claim that it is the last bottle of algae remover that they have in stock.

For aquariums, it is especially important to be cautious about applying algae remover treatments. The algae remover might be harmful to your fish. There are some types of algae remover that is not directly toxic to fish, but they can have a negative effect on the chemical balance of the water. Unfortunately, some people are quick to use algae remover at the first sign of green in their tanks. They later wonder why their fish do not live long after the algae remover treatment.

Algae remover is absolutely deadly to fish. If you have clams, snails or crabs in your tank you should avoid using an algae remover. Even if you currently do not have fish in your aquarium there is a possibility that you may like to include them in the future, you should avoid using algae remover. The fact is that algae remover can seep into the seals of the tank and leak back out over time. If you place fish in a tank that has been treated with algae remover, even if it was a long time ago, they will die.

The best place to use algae remover is in swimming pools. There are brands of algae remover that are safe for people. Swimming pools are not locations where aquatic life live, so it is okay to use algae remover in them. Just be sure that the algae remover is used properly, as misuse can throw off the delicate pool water balance.

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